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Best Garage Bands


They turned out a few albums in the 1980s, albums of such rare punk rock sincerity that they have retained a solid cult following ever since. But the glitz of the big time never quite shined on Electric Peace. Probably because they were way too real for it. It’s hard to sell ball caps with images of heroin infused teen corpses on them.


But they kept turning out tracks that you would think came out of whatever inspired the tsunami of creative genius we saw in the rock and roll scene of the 70s. Today, Electric Peace is still turning out gritty punk rock tracks, attracting fans from the anemic ranks of those willing to look outside of mainstream media channels.


They’re also a record company, keeping the flame alive in Reseda, CA. If you think you’re tired of rock music, check out Electric Peace. You might change your mind.

Get Your Mind Right, Check Out the Electric Peace Band

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