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Best Punk Bands

In the 1970s, a being from the stars – an angelic force – came to Earth and gave us Black Sabbath, the Sex Pistols, and the like. He left us with the sound of the human spirit strained by the effluvium of smokestacks, poison food, and war on international scales. But he left us. And the sound that raised a generation of wailing rebels went underground. Most assumed it died.


But it lives in the recordings of an obscure 1980s punk rock band called Electric Peace. Electric Peace carried the torch of that burned-out garage band sound that Ozzy Osbourne abandoned. They cut a few albums that are still cherished by a small, wizened group of fans.        

Today, they’re fanning the flame of punk rock by working as a record company in Reseda, CA. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

Electric Peace: The Only Punk Rock Band That Isn’t Something Else

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