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Cult band electric peace

You went to this concert. They told you it was a punk band named something or another. You bought your ticket. You went inside. You heard something that sounded vaguely like rock and roll and you thought, ‘Okay, maybe I can get someone to go home with me tonight.’


But that wasn’t punk, man. That was your brother in law with his little 8-year weekend side project trying to break out of his family situation. But he doesn’t have any imagination and neither does that monkey he calls a drummer. Meanwhile, Electric Peace has been the real deal, cranking out genuine honest to goodness punk tracks for, well forever.


So, while they’re grinding their fingers to the fretboard, making something with a little bit of spine in it, you try to talk yourself into listening to Smashing Pumpkins while buying stickers online.


Just book Electric Peace. You don’t have to hate yourself anymore

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