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Electric Peace

Who Knows What About Punk Bands in Reseda, CA?

Nobody knows anything about real punk bands in Reseda, California because Reseda, California is just as worn down as any other garbage town in the U.S. of A., friends. Electric Peace has been around since the 1980s, carving out punk tracks the likes of which you haven’t heard since long before the days of trash like DEVO and Duran Duran.                    


With tracks like I Bought a Gun Today, Just for Once, and I Don’t Feel Sorry, Electric Peace has been trying to get you people to sit up and pay attention to something real, something unique, something goddamned Punk. But would you listen? No. You would not. You kept driving to work and listening to Metallica as they slowly turned into heavy metal Garth Brooks and you didn’t even notice.


I don’t know, man. It might be too late for you


Check out Electric Peace. Just do it, ffs.

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