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Garage Bands

Do you remember the 1970s music scene in New York City? Something happened back then. The children of the children of the 60s were sick of pretending flowers could plug up a rifle barrel. Then the 1980s came and Michael J. Fox painted the rifle barrel hot pink and everyone got big freaking jobs. The children of the 80s resented the freewheeling space cowboy spirit of their forefathers and embraced electronic music. Then the Transformers brain-washed a generation.


But in Reseda, CA an ember of rock and roll soul was still burning. Electric Peace shirked the need to pay the rent and kept their instruments plugged into barely functioning amps and cranked out songs like “You’re Going to Hell,” and “Let the Bombs Fly.”                        

You wanna hear what classic punk albums are made of? You wanna hear Electric Peace.

Punk Albums Have What Punk Albums do if it’s Electric Peace – But it’s Not

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