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Kill for Your Love

Got plans this Saturday night? Or were you just going to have another defrosted pizza and waste away in front of another pedophiliac Netflix cartoon series? How about getting down on your knees and asking for your soul back? Alternatively, you could meander your corpulent way down to Reseda, California, where the best punk rock music on Earth is being recorded right bloody now.

Or maybe you like drolling on, uninspired, eating bread and sugar, and believing whatever the hell CNN tells you. Listen. Your neurons are sticking together between the nodes, friend-o. Your signals are all crossed up. Your brain has been fried by corporate interests and fast food. You need something to shake you up and get your nervous system pumping on all cylinders again.      

Electric Peace is waiting for you. You can find them online and at SoundCloud. It isn’t too late.

Get Acquainted with the Cult Band Electric Peace

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