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Psychedelic Punk Bands

These days the airwaves are jammed with garbage. Do you remember when popular music was inspired? Do you remember when those electric riffs throbbing off the radio sent a chill up your spine?


We do. That why here at the Electric Peace Record Company in Reseda, Ca we bust our chops to sign the newest, most obscure, most inspired, raw, and off the reservation punk rock albums the world has seen since the Sex Pistols made your mother nervous.


We know punk. We were the only punk band worth a damn for years. That’s why we set out to find others, laboring in obscurity – and God bless us – they’re out there and we’ve got ‘em. Find us online. Find us in person. We’re electric. We’re real. That’s all.

Punk Rock Albums Are Not Punk Albums if They’re Not Electric Peace

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