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Punk Bands

There are a ton of punk bands in Reseda, CA, and they’re all amazing. Yeah, they’re all so damned good you just can’t believe it. Not only are they all great but they always have been. That’s because punk has no standards.


It’s the most mocked form of music in history because it’s all about giving the finger to standards. We’ve even heard that punk was created by the CIA to brainwash people into abandoning objective standards of beauty. Well, it worked. It worked! Because punk is terrible.


Electric Peace has a sound, the likes of which you haven’t pressed phones to since before you even dreamed of hearing something that didn’t bore you to tears. It’s an old sound, a lost sound, and it’s got guts, understand?


Just quit fooling around and book Electric Peace.

The Best Punk Rock Bands in Reseda, CA That Aren’t Electric Peace

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