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The Cult Electric Peace

You’re probably thinking punk died in the 1970s. Brother, we’re here to tell you punk had a bastard child and named it after itself. The truth is that there are loads of new punk albums out there. We made some of them, and we recorded most of them. We’ve got them all because we are Electric Peace and there will be no peace with us until the world wakes up from its corporate slumber and realizes that punk is not dead, quite.


We’re here, jabbing the rib cage of society with the calcium spike of full-throated, bare-armed, new punk rock music. The fat lady has sung, but the heroin-soaked, scrawny lady with the electric guitar has only just got started.


We’re in Reseda, CA. We’re Electric Peace and we are Earth’s leading punk rock record company, which ain’t hard, cause there aren’t any others.

You’re Probably Thinking There are no Good New Punk Albums

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